First circular is out

Cladocera 2024 meeting (Verbania, Oct 6-12): First Circular

Dear colleagues,

after disruption of all our lives by the covid-19 pandemics, we are reviving the plan to organize the Cladocera XII Conference that we hoped to organize in October 2020 in Verbania, Italy.

This conference will continue in the tradition of the Symposia on Cladocera. The meeting will thus cover a wide range of topics related to the biology of cladocerans (including our beloved Daphnia) as model organisms, covering their ecology, evolutionary biology, genomics, interaction with environmental stressors, diversity, biogeography, systematics, etc.

The conference website where you find more information is already alive at

When: October 6 to 12, 2024

Where: Hotel Il Chiostro, Verbania, Italy

Registration will become available in early 2024. In case of interest in the meeting, do not hesitate to subscribe for the conference newsletter ( not to miss any important info!

Please, spread this information to all colleagues who might find this event interesting, and mark the conference dates in your schedules!

With regards

                              Piet Spaak & Adam Petrusek

                              Cladocera XII organisers


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