The Cladocera 2024 conference will continue in the tradition of the Symposia on Cladocera, which used to be held triannually until the covid-19 pandemic disrupted our lives. After a much longer gap than usual, we thus invite researchers interested in this wonderful group of organisms or using some of them as their research models, to attend the 12th Symposium on Cladocera.

The conference will cover a wide range of topics related to the biology of cladocerans (including – but not only – our beloved Daphnia) as model organisms, covering their ecology, evolutionary biology, genomics, interaction with environmental stressors, diversity, biogeography, systematics, etc. Purely ecotoxicological studies will be discouraged, and highly descriptive or local faunistic contributions likely assigned to poster presentations.

Keywords (non-exhaustive)

ecology, evolution, predator-prey interactions, host-parasite interactions, phylogenetics, phylogegraphy, genomics, diversity, biogeography, taxonomy, systematics, environmental stressors, anthropogenic impacts, paleolimnology, paleogenetics, resurrection ecology, biological invasions, bioindicators, sentinel species…

What to expect

In keeping with the tradition of Symposia on Cladocera, most of the conference will not have parallel sessions to ensure that experts from different fields are exposed to each other’s views and knowledge. Parallel sessions may be planned for part of the meeting (e.g., afternoons) for more specialised topics or if the programme requires it. Sufficient time and space will be allocated to posters, which will be presented throughout the whole meeting in a cloister of Il Chiostro.

The scientific programme will run from Monday to Friday, with a Wednesday afternoon break to relax and explore Verbania or its surroundings. The social interactions will start on Sunday evening (when we expect most participants will already get to Verbania), continue throughout the conference during coffee breaks and common lunches and dinners, and culminate with a farewell party on Friday evening (when the best student contributions will be awarded).

Daphnia longispina

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